our process

Being one of the professional creative agencies, client satisfaction is our top most priority, and when we say that we mean 100%. We understand that a successful project is an iterative and collaborative process. We have designed our process in a way that everyone is always engaged in it and we take client's feedback and collaborate at every step.

1. Sketches

Process starts on a rough piece of paper when creative designers and consultants such as UX and UI designers at Virtue Max put their heads together and arrange different elements to produce a smooth system and information architechture. They keep on scratching their heads, drinking lot of caffeine and in a few iterations reach to an agreement.

2. Wireframes

Now it’s time when people such as graphic designers take their turn. A good graphic artist is known for making an outline of his masterpiece before he goes on to enhance it any further. This concept is referred to as wireframing in digital media. When a sketch is approved, it is then converted into box-type layouts the "wireframes". Wireframes identify positions of elements clearly. Once sign off, we move onto visual design.

3. Visual Design

After a successful wireframing session, our graphic designers beautify wireframes via visual design. Visual design is the process of putting together colour theory, selecting appropriate font types and sizes, branding and of course a lot of space.

Music comes in handy, creative juices flow empty Photoshop and Illustrator's canvas gets filled with beauty, and as a result gorgeous looking interface comes into being that is useful, usable, and desirable.

4. Programming

Here comes the stage where programmers jumps into the project and convert the generated design into a full featured programmed prototype. This stage is taken a bit seriously especially in web design projects just to make sure that programming code is cross platform or cross browser compatible.

5. Testing & Debugging

After successful completion of programming and developing, every project is then rehearsed and extensively checked for bugs and errors that might have occurred during the programming process. Once tested and given a green signal, the project is finally handed over to the client.

With our top notch project management software The PMS, a client get to know each and every single bit of his project's progress, whether its a graphic design, web design or software application project. Before the begining of any project every client is provided with a username and password for the PMS software. Once the project begins, a client may log in at any time to check the status and progress of his respective project.

We guarantee 100% satisfaction for each and every project.